To all of our businesses who help support our kids, we really appreciate the help you've given to us for our community. Sponsors are featured in our Business Directory and Fire Safety Guide, showing the community the businesses that support our kids and community. We appreciate that all of our Bluesfest friends get a copy to see who's helping in our community.

If you're a business who has not been in our directory yet, please call us so we can get you the information to be part of our family. You will be helping keeping our kids through fire safety education with our mobile Survive Alive House, as well as help us send kids who have survived house fires to the Hoosier Burn Camp to be around other kids who have been through the same experience.

Please be a HERO for our kids and show your support through our Business Directory. For more information call us at 574-233-2540.

God bless and have a great day!